The Art of R. Geoffrey Blackburn

Custom ordering Options

Gallery Wrapped Standard Stretcher Mounted Print Print without border Print with border
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
Canvas Canvas Canvas/*Paper *Paper *Paper
Gallery Wrap
1.25 in. black
 or white edge
mounted on gator board unmounted unmounted
ready to hang needs frame needs frame needs frame needs frame
      shrink wrapped to foam board shrink wrapped to foam board
      * highest quality
archival paper 
straight edges or torn edges
(faux deckle)

Giclée Prints

"Prints may be ordered in any size up to 58 inches narrowest dimension. Please determine the dimensions of the indented wall space  and determine the which dimension, the height or width of the art is most relevant to your situation and decide which option (above) you are interested in.  Then, please contact:  and we will supply the dimensions in (proper proportion to the original art) along with the price(s).  Please note: the 58 inch size limit previously mentioned only applies to an image that is to be produced as a single print.  ALL THAT GOES OUT THE WINDOW IF YOU WISH TO BREAK THE IMAGE UP INTO TWO PARTS (DIPTYCH), THREE PARTS (TRIPYCHE) OR EVEN MORE PARTS (YOU GET THE IDEA).  Then, you can  literally create mural-size displays.  Due to the tight detail in the original work, these pieces look great significantly enlarged.  

R. Geoffrey Blackburn


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